Sustainable Jewellery

We are a home grown brand trying to compete with the fast fashion industry with the advantage of quality products. We want to address the myth that slow fashion is expensive, showcasing high quality products at affordable price ranges.

Customize With Kreshya

Personalising your jewellery forges a beautiful connection and an unbreakable bond with it. Custom gems bring an already elegant design to life by instilling your individuality and spirit into it. We at Kreshya make a variety of keepsake jewellery tailored to your needs.

From the people
From the people
This earring is one of my favourites. It is so versatile and I Can pretty much style it with anything I wear.
— Ms. Supraja Prasad (@fitnesswithsup)
From the people
Absolutely love this pendant, which is now a daily wear staple. It’s elegant, versatile and works with everything from scrubs to sarees. Made from Sustainable material. What more can a girl ask for?!
— Ms. Neethi Menon (@neethi.menon)
From the people
The sparkle of Swarovski in a unique oval hoop design! Feels super light on my ear and definitely makes a statement. Thank you for this wonderful piece Kreshya!
— Shruthi Krishnaswamy (@shruths81)
From the people
Absolutely love the Everyday pieces from Kreshya that are now a part of my staple accessories. All the designs are so minimal, unique and modern just the way I like it. And the shopping experience at their store is one of the best I’ve seen in Chennai.
— Ms. Shraddha Iyer (@shraddhaiyerr)
From the people
Love the superior quality of the jewellery at very affordable pricing. Truly live up to slow fashion tag. The designs are unique - elegant, modern and feminine that are easy to pair for everyday wear.
— Ms.Suneethi Raj (@suneethi)
From the people
I bought it a few months ago and often wear it with yellow/gold jewellery. I am still amazed how these beautiful rings have not faded in their polishing and it felt so safe that I have no worries when I bath too. I love them!
— Ms.Keziah Mathews (@meow_kez)

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