Our inspiration for the collections we make is not limited to traditional norms, but more from life , trends and the experiences we share therefore creating something unique for everyone. 

  • Stained Glass

    For thousands of years, Artisans have found inspiration in glistening glass. In any form, glass can produce exquisite works of art. However, when colored, This crystalline kaleidoscopic collection climbs new heights with extreme versatility and absolute precision. Made from Kreshya’s Alternate Sustainable Metals and Enamel, your daily activities would not harm the product. 

  • Aztec

    Aztec symbols were a component of material culture in which the ancient society expressed understanding of the corporeal and immaterial world. These symbols are also used to express perceptions and experiences of reality. The collection is made with Recycled Silver and Enamel. It is also tarnish proof!

  • Daily Wear

    Our  Daily Wear Collection is an epitome of simplicity and sophistication. Amplifying elegance to your daily wear, the Daily Wear Collection is fashioned with alternate metals with a fine polishing, embellished with swarovski stones adding a statement to your vesture.

  • Silver Polki

    Made of honor, an unfinished diamond cut jewelry with a rustic detail on  925 silver decked with coloured stones adding royalty to a royal occasion- so multifaceted that matching them to your outfit would never be a problem. 

  • Silver Swarovski

    Our  Silver Swarovski collection is an epitome of simplicity and sophistication. The collection is fashioned with recycled silver and swarovski stones.  From basic to exquisite; universal to unique. These charming customary products are a must-have for your daily wear needs.

  • Kandy Kresh

    Kandy Kresh is a  natural eye-kandy coloured stone collection which is indigenous yet contemporary. The collection is plied with 925 silver. These products add refinement with a tinge of modernity and versatility to your outfit, a piece of jewellery for every occasion.