Our Story

Originating in a small village, Pallikondan, Vellore, in the 1880s, our journey began with our ancestors who were goldsmiths, retailing jewelry door-to-door. Using unconventional methods like slate and chalk, they crafted contemporary and traditional designs tailored to customer preferences. Over the years, we thrived as pioneers, seamlessly blending delicate ancient designs with modern ornamental pieces.

In 1947, during India's independence, our forefather, Vummidi Anjaneyellu Chetty, and our patriarch, Ethiraj Vummidi, crafted a symbolic sengol made of gold, presented to Prime Minister J. Nehru by Lord Mountbatten. Recently rediscovered and installed in the new parliament house in New Delhi by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this sengol symbolizes the country's aspirations for freedom. Our patriarch, Mr. Ethiraj Vummidi, was honored by the Prime Minister during this installation, emphasizing our brand's significance as a symbol of freedom for the world's largest democracy.

Throughout the century, we have remained at the forefront of traditional jewelry, adapting to each era's unique design preferences.

Our Vision

At Kreshya, we embody a free spirit, challenging conventional norms to create quirky, distinctive, and modern jewelry for everyone. Our long-term goal is to pioneer carbon-zero and emission-free jewelry by establishing sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing methods. We aim to delight our customers, the OG trendsetters, with diverse offerings that reflect their individuality.

Our Mission

Kreshya's mission is to provide a professional platform for new-age designers and artists to showcase their unique talent and creativity. We believe jewelry-making is an art, and collaboration enhances its beauty. Kreshya serves as a forum where designers collaborate with manufacturers, bringing fresh perspectives to jewelry design. We are committed to providing a sustainable alternative to fast fashion in the industry, by the people, for the people.

About Kreshya

Envisioned in 2017 by Kritish Vummidi, a 5th generation jeweler from the Vummidi group, along with Aishwarys Reddy Vummidi, a certified designer with a background in music and film production, Kreshya aims to revolutionize the jewelry industry. Addressing common industry issues, we leverage the expertise of gold and diamond manufacturers to craft our products. Our exclusive gold coating ensures a luxurious finish and feel, rivaling fine jewelry, while being tarnish-free and emission-free. We prioritize customer safety and comfort by omitting allergenic metals like nickel and cadmium. With over 140 years of industry knowledge, we strive to make our reliable products accessible to Indian consumers, expanding our retail presence across the country both online and offline over the next 5 years.