Originating in a small village, Pallikondan, Vellore, the idea of curating custom jewellery began in the 1880s. Our ancestors were goldsmiths, who retailed jewellery door-to-door. They believed in creating the finest contemporary and traditional designs for their customers by employing unconventional ideas - a slate and chalk, drawing out jewellery conforming to customer preferences. We thrived as the only jewellers fusing delicate ancient traditional designs into ornamental pieces.

 In 1947, with the dawn of a newly independent India, Lord Mountbatten passed on a sengol to the honourable PM J. Nehru, as a symbolic gesture from the British upon India’s independence. This sengol made of silver signified the overloads of the country and was created by our forefather, Vummidi Anjaneyellu Chetty and our patriarch, Ethiraj Vummidi. Through the century we continued to be one of the top jewellers who manufactured traditional jewellery. Each era, we, as a company, have devised a unique approach to designing and retailing jewellery.

Our Vision

Kreshya is a  free spirit by nature. We don't accustom to the conventional norms of making jewellery but believe in dynamic aestheticism by creating quirky, distinctive and modern jewellery for everybody. Our long term goal is to make carbon-zero and emission-free jewellery by establishing a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing method while spoiling our customers, the OG trendsetters with varieties.

Our Mission

Kreshya's mission is to lay a professional path for new-age designers and artists to exhibit their individuality and talent by earning a name for themselves. Making jewellery is an art, and art is a collaborative process. Kreshya is a forum where designers meet manufacturers and bring fresh outlooks of jewellery. We positively are by the people, of the people and for the people.

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