Pearl Double Ball Earrings

Rs. 2,500.00 Rs. 3,000.00
By Kreshya


Pearl double ball earrings featuring one pearl ball and another stainless steel gold-coated ball are a charming and elegant accessory that beautifully combines classic sophistication with modern design elements. Each earring typically consists of two distinct spheres, creating a unique and eye-catching asymmetrical look. The first ball is a lustrous pearl, known for its timeless elegance and natural beauty. The second ball, made of stainless steel and coated with gold, serves as a contrasting element to the delicate pearl. The gold-coated stainless steel ball adds a modern touch and complements the elegance of the pearl, providing a striking contrast in both texture and color. 

These earrings, with their combination of a classic pearl and a modern stainless steel gold-coated ball, present a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. They are versatile accessories that can effortlessly complement both formal and casual attire, adding a touch of sophistication and individuality to any ensemble.

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